Tattoo FAQs

Q: How old do I have to be to get a tattoo ?

You must be 18 years or older to get a tattoo.

It is against the law in Queensland to tattoo any person under the age of 18, regardless of parental permission. No excuses!

We check photo ID at your appointment and you will lose your deposit if you are underage and will not be tattooed.

Q: Can I get tattooed if I'm pregnant or breast-feeding?

No, our artists do not tattoo women who are pregnant or breast feeding. This is generally a preventative measure, however due to the risk of infection and other factors that have been considered you will need to wait until your baby is born and you are no longer breast feeding. 

Q: Does it hurt ?

For some people, tattoos hurt more than for others. Tattooing is a personal experience and you are best to be prepared for it mentally. Our artists will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.  If you wish to use numbing cream please let your artist know before hand as different brands can affect the outcome of the tattoo.


Q: What happens at my appointment ?


For all information about your tattoo process, click this link.  

Q: Do you do cover ups of old tattoos ?

Yes. Although, it depends on the artist and what you want to cover your existing tattoo with.

Not all cover ups will work, so you will need to come in for a free consultation with your preferred artist to discuss the idea.

Sometimes your artist will recommend laser removal before hand which is always in your best interest and for the final outcome of your desired tattoo.

Your artist knows best!


Q: Are touch ups free ?

Yes, we offer free touch ups on all tattoos done at Fox & Moon as long as your touch up is booked within 3 months of your original booking.

If you require a touch up after this timeframe, you will be required to pay a fee. 

If you have not followed our aftercare instructions and your tattoo has become infected or has not healed desirably, we will not offer free touch ups.

Please follow aftercare instructions, you want your new tattoo to last a lifetime!


Q: How do I care for my new tattoo ?

Your artist will tell you how best to look after your new tattoo. You will be given clear aftercare instructions by your artist, and this will also be emailed to you after your appointment.

You can view instructions here,

Please follow our instructions so your tattoo heals correctly and lasts a lifetime. If you don’t follow our instructions we will not honour free touch ups.


Q: How much will a tattoo cost in your studio ?

Prices vary depending on your artist and the design. During your free consultation, your artist will provide you with a quote depending on the piece.


We have a minimum cost of $110.


Q: Do you tattoo fingers and palms ?

Not all artists in our studio offer finger/palm tattoos. Please enquire when making your initial booking. 

We do not offer free touch ups for these areas.


Q: Will you tattoo my face ?

This is also at each artists' discretion, but generally we will only tattoo your face if you are already heavily tattooed.

Face tattoos can affect your chances of employment and we will not be held responsible for that.


Q: Is your studio licensed ?

Yes, we are fully licensed (Studio Licence No: 4323871), council approved, insured and adhere to strict Queensland Government Health regulations.

We care about the safety and care of our artists, staff and clients very seriously. 

All artists are professional, qualified tattoo artists who maintain Infection Control certificates and hold QLD Tattoo Artist licenses or QLD Cosmetic Tattoo Artist licenses.

Artists use disposable needles, ink caps, covers, gloves, paper towels and anything else that is used during the tattoo.

Anything that requires sterilisation is placed inside a hospital grade Autoclave machine.


Q: Will you design a tattoo for me ?

Yes, we are a custom studio so we will never copy any other artists work and our artists take pride in custom designing tattoos.

Make sure you gather up some reference photos of similar pieces or of inspiration and come see us or book in for a free consultation with your preferred artist to discuss your idea.

If you wish to see the drawing without booking your tattoo we require a drawing fee, although this is at the artist's discretion. 


Q: Do you use vegan tattoo ink ?

Yes, in-fact everything we use is 100% vegan. It’s sometimes hard to believe that everything from stencil paper, razors, pens, inks, etc can contain animal derived ingredients, or are tested on animals.

With this is mind, we as a studio have dedicated our space to being cruelty free and as ethically minded as possible. 

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us!