After Care Instructions

Please follow ALL aftercare instructions given to you by your artist or Fox & Moon staff member. Failure to do so can result in your tattoo healing incorrectly and possible cost of fixing at your own expense. Your artist may apply Dermalize Pro on your tattoo if the area is suitable, though cling wrap is sometimes used for certain parts of your body.


  • If your artist has applied Dermalize Pro/Second Skin please read these instructions. These coverings are wound dressings, “second skin” that are applied to the completed tattoo to prevent infection and help the healing of your new tattoo.

  • The first piece of tattoo film can be left on the skin up to one week, though the exact time will depend on the amount of fluids that the wound exudes: this will vary from person to person. In case of copious bleeding or weeping, the film can be removed, washed with tattoo soap (or fragrance free soap), patted dry and left alone for the first few days until you start applying aftercare - which is mentioned below.

    If your tattoo film is hard to pull off the skin, simply let some warm soapy water run under the tattoo film so that the glue becomes tender and removal of the film is easier. When removing the film, make sure to carefully wash the area with suggested tattoo soap and water, and gently dry the tattoo with a clean towel or piece of paper towel. Apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare. Any further application of tattoo film can be kept on for a variable amount of time, depending on the client’s needs and artists recommendation. The total suggested use of tattoo film, covering all applications, is between 7 -10 days.



  • Once home, remove the cover and wash the tattoo with un fragranced soap (we recommend Inky Tattoo Salve - available in store and online) and warm water. Pat your tattoo dry with a clean towel or piece of paper towel.

  • Leave the tattoo to completely dry for at least an hour after washing. It is important that the tattoo has completely dried before applying after care cream.

  • Please keep your tattoo away from pets as they can carry foreign bacteria, repeat washing instructions if your tattoo comes in contact with your pet.


  • After the tattoo has dried apply a small amount of aftercare cream to the tattoo. Make sure that your hands are always clean when doing this.

Aftercare we recommend:

First Night

  • If your tattoo is “weeping” this is normal, just remember to keep it clean and keep a small amount of aftercare on it as a barrier.

  • Keep your new tattoo clean at all times and wash, dry and apply cream if your tattoo comes into contact with a dirty surface.

  • If your tattoo sticks to your sheets overnight, make sure to wash and clean your tattoo and wash your bedding.

Second Day, Onwards

  • We recommend if you work in a dusty or dirty environment that you wear clothing that will cover your new tattoo. Avoid tight clothing or footwear that will rub on your tattoo.

  • Follow cleaning and aftercare instructions twice a day, morning and night

  • We recommend you continue this aftercare process for 1-2 weeks, this will help the ink heal into the skin.

  • A shower is fine, but please avoid soaking in swimming pools, baths, ocean and spas for at least 2 weeks, this includes salt and chlorine water.

  • Do not pick or scratch your tattoo during the healing process. Tattoos may flake and peel like a sunburn, this is normal and you should let the skin flake naturally, applying more aftercare cream if necessary to sooth any itching.

  • Your tattoo will be completely healed within 2-3 weeks if you follow our instructions.


We are more than happy to touch up your tattoo if needed. Your artist will mention this to you after your tattoo when explaining after care instructions. However we can only honour free touch ups if you have followed our aftercare instructions and have booked your touch up within 3 months of your appointment. 

We cannot and will not be held liable for infection of your tattoo if you fail to use recommended creams and keep your tattoo clean at all times while healing.

If you have any questions please feel free to call, email or drop into the studio. It is important to us that our clients are happy and we love to see healed work!

Thanks for trusting Fox & Moon Tattoo.