Cosmetic FAQs

How old do I have to be ?

You must be at least 18 years of age to have any cosmetic tattoo procedure, even with parental consent. Please do not be offended when we ask for ID on arrival for your procedure as we request this as part of our studio policy

What is Cosmetic Tattooing ?

We offer two techniques; Microblading and Machine. Machine is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that assists in either partially or fully camouflaging any missing eyebrow hair. It is commonly known as Powder or Ombre brow technique.   This technique is great for all skin types and can be tailored to be as bold or natural as you'd like. Microblading is the technique that mimics hair strokes using a manual tool called a micro blade. 

Is the procedure painful ?

Some clients say that they can feel some pressure and others can feel some sharpness as we are penetrating the skin slightly. Everyone’s pain thresholds vary greatly from person to person however prior to your procedure we apply a topical anaesthetic cream that is specifically created for skin penetration procedures like Microblading. We then apply a secondary numbing cream throughout the procedure to keep you as comfortable as possible.

How long does it last for ?

Eyebrows that have had Microblading can last anywhere from 8-18 months depending on the lifestyle and skin type of each client. Most clients will require a colour boost at around 12 months to keep the pigment looking its best, however this varies from person to person. 

Can I exercise or swim after the procedure ?

You cannot submerge the treated area in pool/ salt water for a minimum of 2 weeks after the procedure. Therefore, we recommend not having this procedure done close to any upcoming holidays or swimming events. 

What should I do before my appointment ?

Refer to our pre-procedure booking information and follow the procedure day guidelines. 


How long does the procedure take ?

The initial procedure itself generally only takes around 45-60mins, however the whole appointment takes approximately 2 hours to able to pre-numb, measure up and colour selection. A colour touch-up or colour boost session take approx. 1.5hours depending on the pigment retention. 


Do I need to have my eyebrows tidied prior to my procedure ?

It is preferable that you grow out your eyebrow hairs prior to your procedure, this way we can see your natural hair growth and colour. 

What is the process on the day of my procedure ?

-Client to complete paperwork

-Before photos are taken of your eyebrows in current condition 

-Clean the eyebrows and then a topical numbing cream is applied.

-Relax in the waiting room for approx. 15 mins 

-Return to the room and client will be measured and a new brow shape will be drawn

-General tidy up of hair around brows

-Swatch of pigment colour to forehead for colour selection 

-Artist and client will both assess and approve the new shape and colour 

-Begin the procedure (which will include a secondary anaesthetic being applied to each brow.) 

-Once procedure is finished, both client and artist will check to ensure both are happy. 

-Clean the brows and take after photos 

-Apply after care cream and you're ready to go! 

Can I have this treatment while pregnant or breastfeeding ?

No, unfortunately we cannot treat women who are pregnant or breast feeding. This is generally a preventative measure, however due to the risk of infection and other factors that have been considered you will need to wait until your baby is born and you are no longer breast feeding. 

Can I bring my child or a guest to my appointment ?

Due to occupational health and safety standards, children are not permitted in the procedure room at any time. We do not want to compromise on the quality of your procedure as It interferes with decision making and transmitting/interpreting important consultation information by having others in the room, so we kindly ask that you attend your appointment alone as only the client and Cosmetic Tattoo Artist will be permitted into the procedure room.

What should I expect after my procedure ?

Immediately after your procedure your eyebrows may appear darker, bolder and very defined which can take up to 2 weeks to soften and settle. You may experience some redness and swelling to the treated area which will usually settle in the next 24 hours and is completely normal.  You may feel an itching sensation in the eyebrows once they start to heal but please do NOT touch or scratch the area. From weeks 1-2 some flaking/ peeling may start to become visible but do not pick it off and keep up with the aftercare as advised.

Is it safe ?

Jess ensures that strict hygienic practices and infection control standards are maintained throughout the clinic to ensure the health and safety of both the client and artist. The premium Pigments that we use are of the highest quality, vegan and are certified worldwide. We also use single use tools to ensure that our extremely high standards of infection control and client care are met, which also gives peace of mind to the client and the artist.