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Vegan Tattooing

Vegan Tattooing

Fox & Moon Tattoo was opened to provide a 100% vegan tattoo experience to put your mind to ease if you care about what is in your tattoo or where your money is going. If you live a cruelty free lifestyle why would you risk having animal products in your skin forever ?

Our studio is proudly owned by vegans who have ensured that every product used in the before, during and after of your tattoo is completely vegan.

There is so much more to a complete vegan tattoo than just the inks which can contain bone char and shellac. Everything from razors to stencil papers and more contain animals products including lanolin.

This is why we have sourced products from ethical companies that contain zero animal products and are not tested on animals, which is very important to us.

The inks used by our artists at Fox & Moon are completely organic, vegan pigments for peace of mind.

We strive to give back where we can by holding charity flash days for animal and other organisations that we support and align with our values. There is a range of donation boxes in our merchandise area to help out local charities also.

You can purchase organic and vegan aftercare instore after your tattoo if you we sell organic vegan tattoo sunscreen also.

If you have any more questions regarding vegan tattooing or tattooing in general please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help!