Vegan Tattooing

What is Vegan Tattooing ?

Many people think Veganism is just about the food we eat or perhaps the clothing we purchase and wear but it is so much more than that. Vegan, to us, means that we can be the best we can be, where-ever possible to make this world a nicer place to live for humans and animals alike.

It’s not about “shoving our beliefs in peoples faces” as is so widely believed. It is and was always about creating a cruelty free tattoo alternative.

When we started Fox & Moon in north Brisbane we made the conscious decision to make the studio entirely vegan and cruelty free and as eco conscious as possible for our industry.

This covered everything from razors to stencil paper, cleaning products to pens, of course the tattoo inks and so much more. We live in an age where the norm is to use animal byproducts in everyday items and we could not promote our vegan studio knowing that these everyday items are a part of the problem.

As this was a decision we held close to our hearts and we set off to research all products used in the tattooing process and only choose cruelty free versions of these products while still holding true to quality and regulations of the tattoo industry.

To give an example razors and stencil papers can contain lanolin, inks can contain bone char and shellac, creams and balms can contain beeswax, lanolin and many chemicals too. I would assume as a tattoo collector, especially if you are vegan or conscious of what you put in your body that this would be unacceptable to you, as it was to us.

What’s next ?

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our business and we were even nominated for an Environmental Business Award in 2017 for our efforts to minimise our environmental impact.

As we move forward into 2019 our focus is to make our carbon footprint even smaller and be more conscious of the amount of waste our studio produces, this is an exciting time for us as we believe all businesses should be aware of these issues and make Fox & Moon Tattoo, our north brisbane tattoo studio the best that it can be.

Fox & Moon.