New Organic, Vegan Aftercare Launch!

Solaris Launch!

We are happy to announce the launch of Solaris Tattoo Care, a new range of organic, vegan tattoo aftercare formulated by one of Fox & Moon Tattoo’s founders.

Although there are a few options when it comes to vegan aftercare now, we noticed a gap in the market that we wanted to fill and so Solaris was born.

Solaris products contain 100% certified organic, natural ingredients with ZERO preservatives or nasties, is 100% vegan and cruelty free and eco conscious by packaging in glass and recycled plastic.

After months of research and testing, we have carefully selected ingredients that allow our products to effectively heal fresh tattoos and revitalise existing ink.

Benefits of Solaris ?

We don’t make bold claims or say we are the best, we simply created a natural, vegan tattoo aftercare product range that works as an alternative to people who are conscious of what goes in and on their body.

The ingredients we selected include mango butter - cold pressed from mango kernels, shea butter - cold pressed from shea nuts, virgin hemp seed oil, calendula infused safflower oil, a blend of essential oils including helichrysum, yarrow, bergamot, and more.

To see a full list of ingredients and their benefits please see

Products Available

Currently we have on offer our Tattoo Butter which is available in a 20ml and 50ml glass jar and our liquid Tattoo Soap in a 50ml glass pump bottle.

Our Tattoo Butter has been formulated to mimc a lotion without the need for water and preservatives that lotions need. It is made from blend of butters, oils, and essential oils which deeply absorb quickly into the skin, much like a lotion to create a barrier and provide healing properties for fresh tattoo.

Solaris Tattoo Butter can also be used on existing tattoos to penetrate through the dermal layers of skin to bring life back to older ink and keep them looking fresh.

Our liquid Tattoo Soap is a naturally foaming blend of Castile soap, oils and essential oils to deeply cleanse and aid in healing for fresh tattoos.

We have plans to add more products to keep your tattooed skin looking it’s best but it is important to us to only provide products that work and not to overcomplicate our product list.

Where To Buy?

Currently you can purchase Solaris Tattoo Butter and Tattoo Soap from us at Fox & Moon Tattoo instore and on our online store and all products will be available to purchase from soon as well as a select range of stockists and artist we are currently in communications with.

Thanks so much

Fox & Moon

Chris JamesFox & Moon Tattoo